Interview Questions for  SAP BI


• What are step in transporting the object?
• Where you have to done cube testing?
• How can partition a cube-
• what is type of transfer in transfer rules?
• what is data transformation in BW?
• Why u go for aggregate? Tell me one example?
• usually we mention T or O in CONFIRMATION TYPE. What are T and O stand for?
• suppose, you are working on a report, how do you know from which INFOCUBE, report should be generated?
• what are the extractions made in a sap BW project using lo cockpit-
• Extraction in mm and SD and FI? What is the requirement and name them?
• what are the Info Cubes developed in a sap project? Name them and what is the requirement?
• what are the reports generated in a sap BW project? Name them and what is the requirement?
• what is the transaction to check delta?


which data you load first (MASTER or TRANSACTIOANAL)? Why? 


• How do you generate Summary Report? How can i get the Drill down Options in That report?
• How is SAP BW different from SAS (Statistical Analytical Software)?
• what is the difference between Business warehouse and Data Warehouse?


• Where do you find the option "REPAIR REQUEST"? WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT? • How can u correct the error in loading for Delta failure
• How do u decided to go create Aggregates for cube. What purpose you want to create aggregates? 


• what type of tables join in generic view? HCL
• what is attribute change run? HCL
• what is reconciliation? Where can u find the option? cube ( f/ e table or ODS or aggregates)? HCL
• what is SID for to transport the object along the land scope: HCL
• what are the parameters? Can u say what type of parameters regularly used? HCL
• what is the difference between formula and calculated key figure? HCL
• what is the safety delta for CO-PA? HCL


• what Cell formatting? And Advantages? IBM
• what is the ticketing tool for Wipro and ticketing tool depends on company or client? IBM
• what is the main difference between view and the function module? IBM
• If we want to design an info cube, what are the pre-requisites u have to take in real time? IBM
• what is the differences between standard DSO and write optimized DSO and Direct update DSO. IBM
• How can we stop the Collapse process in process chain? IBM
• What is the use of filters in BEx – IBM
• How do you analyze the data loading time the loading time is 15 min. but tomorrow the same type of loading takes 3 hours..How do you analyze? IBM
• Account modeling and key figure modeling IBM
• what is exception aggregation IBM
• How is multi provider different from info set? Typically when do you use it? IBM
• Which R/3 version supports LO extraction? IBM
• How does it do delta? IBM
• What is the difference between Data Target and Info Provider IBM
• What is the RRI? What is the structure of RRI? Any conditions for RRI IBM


• what is 0unit of measure? HP
• what is alpha conversion? U faced any errors in alpha conversion? HP
• what is variable? Give me one example? I want to display 12 months in a report..? How many variables are used? HP
• How will the setup be in BW in real time scenario how will the setup between r/3 and BW in real time scenario HP
• Can Tell Me difference b/w SAP BW 3.5 & BW 7.0 version in Detail.- HP
• What are the uses of routines, like transfer routine, update routine, start routine. What are the differences? Where we will actually define them? HP


• What is the difference between Z and 0 Tables in SAP BW3.5?
• How to get the record mode D or A in change log table when we delete or add records in DSO?
• When do we go for generic extraction and why we use time stamp? How long it will run? Explain?
• what do you understand by Data warehouse? How is it being used by different organizations? 


• Can we make a info object as info provider other than master data. Magnus-InfoTech


• How do you extract data from R3 to BW for a specific date? How to filter the data for the period? ITC-InfoTech
• How will you schedule the job in background Seal-InfoTech


• How to fetch the data from sap-r/3, sap-BW/BI to Informatics system?
• What is the t-code to create INDEX in SAP BI (7.0)? TCS
• How can we create the index in SAP BW/BI? TCS
• what are variables? TCS
• what is change run? TCS
• what do you do, when you get a GAP? What is FIT-GAP analysis? TCS


• what is Cell Definition? Satyam
• what are the reports used from business content in sap BW project? Name
them and what was the requirement? Satyam
• How can we enhance the data Sources, explain me with example? Satyam
• what are the errors in process chain, how can we solve them? Satyam

These are questions I faced. If u have any screen shots for any one of the question provide that one also.
1. We have standard info objects given in sap why you created info objects can u tell me the business scenario 
2. We have standard info cubes given in sap why you created info cubes can u tell me the business scenario 
3. In key figure what is meant by cumulative value, non cumulative value change and non cumulative value in and out flow.
4. When u creating info object it shows reference and template what is it
5. What is meant by compounding attribute tell me the scenario?
6. I have 3 cubes for that I created multi provider and I created a report for that but I didn’t get data in that report what happen?
7. I have 10 cubes I created multi provider I want only 1 cube data what u do?
8. What is meant by safety upper limit and safety lower limit in all the deltas tell me one by one for time stamp, calendar day and numeric pointer?
9. I have 80 queries which query is taking so much time how can you solve it 
10. In compression level all requests are becoming zero which data is compressing tell me detail
11. What is meant by flat aggregate? explain in detail
12. I created process chain 1st day it taking 10 min after that 1st week it taking 1 hour after that next time it taking 1 day with a same loads what happen how can u reduce the time of loading 
13. How can u know the cube size? in detail show me u have screen shots
14. Where can we find transport return codes
15. I have a report it taking so much time how can I rectify
16. What is offset? Without offset we create queries?
17. I told my process chains nearly 600 are there he asked me how can u monitor I told him I will see in rspcm and bwccms he asked is there any third party tools is there to see? Any tools are there to see tell me what it is
18. How client access the reports
19. I don’t have master data it will possible to load transaction data? it is possible is there any other steps to do that one
20. What is structure in reporting?
21. Which object based you created extended star schema?
22. What is line item dimension tell me brief
23. What is high cardinality tell me brief
24. Process chain is running I have to stop the process for 1 hour after that re run the process where it is stopped?
in multi provider can I use aggregations
25. What is direct schedule and what is meta chain
26. Which patch u used presently? How can I know which patch that one?
27. How can we increase data packet size
28. Hierarchies are not there in bi? why
29. Remodeling is applied only on info cube? why not dso/ ods?
30. In jump queries we can jump any transactions just like rsa1, sm37 etc it is possible or not?
31. Why ods activation fail? What types of fails are there? What are the steps to handle
32. I have a process chain is running the info package get error don’t process the error of that info package and then you can run the dependent variants is it possible? 

Few more.

1, what is slowly changing dimensions, can u give me example.
2, did u modified the cube, when it is necessary
3, what is kpi , how do u measure? can u name it?
4, what is difference between transfer rules and update rules?
5,, what is repetitive data?
6, how do u design u own ods?
7, what is transaction of performance issues?
8, performance issues on front end?
9, what is testing? steps involved? tools used?
10, what do u mean by parallel load?
11, what is a doc query? When it is used?
12, how does u track the historical data?
12 how many types of histories are available in data ware hosing?
13, why transfer rules and not update rule
14, what is realignment?


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